Conditions rental signature contract and leave passport with us until finish contract rental.


-What documents do you need to rent a motorbike?

Deposit original passport. ( keep until return back motorbike )

-Why passport?

We do require to keep your original passport (we give you a copy and a signed contract and keep your original locked in our safe) Because of the lack of insurance, people can just leave the country if having an accident and not paying.

-And if the police stops me without a passport?

You can show your copy of passport along with the copy of the contract that shows that you have left the deposit passport with us.

-Have insurance? What about cover?

We would like to let people know that unfortunately with the current government there is no insurance on any rental bikes in Thailand, only cover costals medicals if you need. So you are liable
for any damage incurred to the bike, therefore we advise you only rent if you have experience in riding .

-In case of accident, how much do I have to pay?

Up to accident or scratch, always a logical price, starting from 500 baht

-As I know that a scratch or accident I have done and I was not before in the motorbike?

All our bikes are new and excellent condition,
however for your peace of mind you can make a video or take some photos of the condition of the motorbike before renting with us.

-You can delivery motorbike to my hotel?

Yes, if in area Kata or Karon and rental up 7 days we will be delivery motorbike free at your hotel or place.